Septic Tank Secrets

Would you like to know how to avoid costly septic tank system replacements which can cost thousands of pounds? I bet you would and I am very sure that every homeowner would like to know the same thing. Purchasing and installing a new septic tank system is unlike buying a car. Unfortunately, you will not be given manual containing instructions on how to maintain and clean your septic tank system. Most people also know very little about maintaining a septic tank system.

Not knowing the right thing to do can lead to blocked drains and costly repairs and replacements so we’ll let you in on a secret.

Now, before we discuss solutions, we shall discuss the varied causes as to how septic tank systems fail. Contrary to popular belief, the reasons for failure are quite easy to understand. When a septic tank system fails it is because the soil fails. When the soil no longer allows liquid to pass through it, the results are disastrous.

Now, on to the solutions… There are many ways of making sure that you avoid blocked drains and that your septic tank system works as it is supposed to. One of the most affordable solutions is to use a washing machine filter. Not many people know that washing machines are one of the many causes of septic system failure. The real problem is lint generated by washing machines. Lint can clog the soil in the drain fields. A family’s washing machine can produce enough lint to make a carpet for an entire living room floor. Although these minute particles are light and small, they cause a lot of trouble because they do not settle in the septic tank. So get a filter to screen lint.

To make matters worse, much of our clothing today are made with synthetic materials. These non-biodegradable substances are not broken down in the septic system. Instead, what they do is accumulate and clog the soil.

Avoid using too much water. Putting more water in the tank than it is built to handle will flood your system. This will also flush solids out of the tank and into the drain field. Your washing machine can use more than 60 gallons of water per wash load. Just imagine how many times you wash in a year! The solution to this is to spread out water use. Instead of washing 15 loads every Saturday, wash about 1 or 2 loads per day.

Prevent solids from leaving the tank. This can be done by getting your tank pumped regularly. Doing so will prevent excessive accumulation of solids. Experts recommend having the tank pumped once every 1 to 3 years. One very important thing which every home owner must remember is that the tank must be inspected and pumped through the manhole cover and not the inspection pipe.

Effluent filters can be installed to prevent larger solids from getting out to the drain field. For approx €70, these are some of the cheapest and best things you can install to protect your system. These filters must also be cleaned every time you have your tank pumped.

Now that you know septic system secrets, you should apply them to avoid problems.