Saniflo Dublin

Saniflo Dublin

Drain-It is an authorised supplier and the ONLY approved Irish service agent of the versatile Saniflo macerator units and grey water pumps.

Saniflo works where convention doesn’t. If your plumber told you something was impossible, Saniflo can make it possible.

Limited or no access to a waste-water or foul water line is no longer a problem. With the correct choice from the Saniflo range, you’ll still be able do what you want, such as:

  • Install a toilet or shower under the stairs

  • Install a new washing machine or dishwasher in your kitchen or utility room

  • Convert any room into a new loo, shower room, or bathroom

  • Convert a walk-in wardrobe into an en-suite bathroom

Saniflo also has a huge number of applications in commercial situations, such as commercial kitchens, accommodation providers, or any large-scale facility for public use.

Whenever you need access to conventional drainage but there’s none close by, Saniflo has a solution.

Saniflo Sales and Supply

To learn more about Saniflo and browse our extensive range of Saniflo solutions and associated products, see our specialist website

If you have just bought or already own a Saniflo unit, you may contact us for:

Remember, we are the ONLY Saniflo appointed service agent for Ireland. This means we are exclusively placed to meet all your installation, maintenance, and repair needs. All such work carried out by our expertly-trained technicians is fully guaranteed, so you can be sure of satisfaction with our service.

For the best solution to your plumbing needs, choose Saniflo. And for the best in Saniflo sales, installation, servicing, and repairs, choose us!