Pre-Purchase Drain Survey (Residential)

CCTV survey of residential property drains

If you are involved in buying or selling a house, a full professional drain survey should be an important part of the process for you.

Just as the overground part of the property is surveyed, the underground should be surveyed too. Underground property issues can be more severe than any you see above ground. Without our service, they will remain lurking out of sight, ready to cause problems in the future.

For example, do you know what the previous owners/tenants put down the drains, and the damage it might have done? Have a residential drain survey done before you sign the contract, and you could save a lot of money in the long run!

Remember these important points:

  • A pre-purchase drain survey typically costs less than one year’s home insurance, and will greatly reduce the risk of a claim arising from a drain-related issue.
  • If a property has been vacant for some time, muck and dirt may have built up, and may need to be cleaned to prevent further blockages or problems with waste water and/or sewage if flooding occurs.
  • A build-up of drain waste will attract rodents and other pests. These can cause damage to the drains themselves. On occasions, blockages can flood sub-floors and the premises may need to be evacuated while remedial and cleanup works are done. There can be severe smells and possible fly infestations also as a result. You can avoid these risks by having a drain survey carried out before moving into the property.

Come to us, and we will provide a CCTV survey and an outline map of the drains on your property before you close the purchase or sign the lease. This checks that everything is okay and identifies any issues and what they are likely to cost to resolve. We can also identify buried junctions, which previous owners may have built over and which may later cause severe issues.