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Imagine going into your bathroom and finding a rat staring up at you as he swims around your toilet. Or imagine turning on a water supply from a large bore pipe in a commercial or industrial setting, and seeing a rat emerge along with the water. Both prospects are horrific – but both are possible if rats are able to gain access to your drains through broken or collapsed pipes.

Rats are able to get in through even a small hole as they can collapse their skeleton to get through any opening the size of their head. They can then wriggle their body through even 180° bends and joins in pipework as they make their way through your drains, so the prospect of seeing them emerge at the other end is not as remote as you may think.

Fortunately, we have the answer

If you see signs of a rodent problem – such as droppings, or hearing scratching in your pipes – give us a call. We use expert rodent tracking systems to find their point of access. We can repair that fault with no-dig patching or pipe re-lining, and install effective rat stoppers in your drains to keep them out in future, even if another fault develops in some other section of your drains.

Pest Control Dublin