Grease Traps Dublin

Full grease trap service for the Dublin food sector

If your Dublin business involves food preparation, then you’ll know about the key need of dealing with FOG (fats, oil, and grease) and you know you’ll need an expert and trustworthy partner to help you do that.

That’s us.

At Drain-It, we deliver the full range of grease trap installation and grease trap cleaning and waste disposal services, enabling your business to benefit from best practice and also to comply with all relevant legislation.

We are fully experienced and skilled in all aspects of installation and maintenance of grease traps around Dublin. If you are a start-up and need a grease trap for the first time, we will advise on the best one to suit you needs, and install it for you. If you need an existing grease trap replaced, we will do that too.

And no matter your business or how long you’ve been operating, we will provide a regular cleaning and maintenance programme, including full and detailed record-keeping to help you comply with all relevant regulations.

Grease Traps Dublin