Servicing & Waste Removal

Drain-It Ltd offer a fully compliant and certified service to manage and properly dispose of the FOG (Fats, Oil and Grease) waste which is collected in your greasetrap(s).

Our service includes

  • Removal and Certification of waste for disposal in compliance with FOG Office requirements. We retain copies of the certificate issued on our Job Management system. These can be made available via email whenever required.

  • We will clean the unit and advise if any issues are evident. We can arrange machine service from the manufacturers where needed and requested to do so.

  • We offer service contracts which cover the waste management of the trap and any others on your site. We offer discounts for multiple traps on a single site and a variety of visit plans depending on needs assessed. We offer monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and annual contracts to our clients.

Simply contact us for further details.