Grease Trap Installation Dublin

Grease trap installation Dublin

Efficient and compliant grease traps are a crucial tool for all food preparation operations in Dublin, to prevent the problems caused by build-up of FOG (fats, oils and grease) and to comply with stringent regulation of the sector.

Drain-It are experienced experts in installing a full range of grease trap solutions for businesses of all types and sizes, from fast food takeaways to workplace canteens and large-scale commercial kitchens.

Contact us regarding your grease traps needs, and one of our expert staff will take all details and arrange to make a site visit if necessary to advise on which grease trap solution is best for you. An engineer will then install your grease trap with minimum of fuss and disruption, and will give guidance on its operation and maintenance.

All advice is delivered in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. We know your main business and interest is in food preparation, not plumbing and waste disposal, so we ensure you can continue to concentrate on your own job without overly worrying about whether your grease trap is doing its job properly.

We will also advise on the recommended intervals between cleaning and other maintenance tasks, and we will supply you with all documentation required to show that you have an approved grease trap system in place and working properly at your business premises.

Grease Trap Installation Dublin