Grease Trap Cleaning Dublin

Grease trap cleaning Dublin

Once a grease trap has been installed and is operational in your food preparation business, regular cleaning and maintenance is essential. This is not just to ensure continued proper operation, but also to comply with all relevant legislation.

How often should you use our Grease Trap Cleaning Services

We generally recommend that grease traps be cleaned once every three months. However, more frequent cleaning may be necessary in some applications, while in other situations of less demanding use, longer intervals between cleaning may be allowed. Our personal service and dedication to client relationships will see us recommend the most appropriate cleaning programme for you.

We will also allocate the most appropriate cleaning equipment and service time for your individual needs. If yours is a relatively small food preparation business, we will use a van-based cleaning unit. If you operate on a much larger scale, we will send a larger vehicle with more powerful cleaning equipment.

We schedule Grease Trap Cleaning around your needs

Similarly, if you operate a restaurant or other premises that is most busy at evenings and nights, then we will schedule cleaning for your ‘down time’ of mornings or early afternoons. If daytime is your busy time, we will clean your grease traps at night.

Grease Trap Cleaning Dublin

This means that no matter what the nature of your business or when your busy times are, we work around you to provide an expert grease trap cleaning service at a time to cause minimum downtime or other disruption to your operations.

Disposal of waste from Grease Trap Cleaning

We have a waste permit to properly dispose of all waste collected, and we compile comprehensive records of all actions carried out, amount of waste removed, and how it was disposed of. We provide you with a copy of these records and also keep all relevant details ourselves, should you need them again in future.