drain survey for house sale

If you’re involved in selling a house, then you could achieve a higher price simply by having the drains surveyed.

Proof of this is how we were recently called in by an estate agent to conduct a drain survey of a house he was selling on behalf of a client.

We examined the drains and found two small issues which needed attention. We informed the agent of our findings, and he relayed them to the property owner.

The owner then requested usto remedy the issues and to issue a report which could be included with the retail pack from the auctioneer, that would be given to all prospective buyers.

This would show professionalism on the part of the auctioneer and transparency on the part of the seller. Both these things would inspire greater confidence in the buyer that the sellers weren’t hiding anything and were being upfront as possible about the property.

The house sold more quickly than expected, and for a higher price than was first expected. In our opinion, this was partly down to providing the final purchasers with both the report and the confidence that the drains were both secure and recently surveyed.

If you’re about to sell a property, or if you’re an estate agent handling several properties, we can deliver the same service to you. Just contact us at any time to discuss.