Common Causes Blocked Drains

If you want to continue to see water spinning in an enticing little whirlpool down the drain, you need to make sure that you do what is needed in order to avoid blocked drains. Blocked drains can be very inconvenient and it can also be costly because you will need to hire a professional in order for your drain to be restored properly. If you want to avoid all these headaches and problems, you might want to find out the common causes of blocked drains so that you can completely avoid them.

The most common reason for blocked drains are foreign objects such as toilet paper, cotton balls and other feminine hygiene products. It is of course, advisable for people not to dispose of non-biodegradable products down the drain, the toilet or the kitchen sink. Foreign objects and debris can easily clog the pipes.

Hair, soap residue and the build-up of fats and food can become caught between the pipes. Initially these small materials may not block the drain fully but as time goes on they will continue to collect and prevent water from flowing freely. Most of the time toilets get clogged because of toilet paper and other sanitary items. Little children are most often the causes for blocked toilets. Little children love flushing all sorts of things down the toilet.

Heavy rains during storms can also lead to blocked drains. This is because dirt and leaves can collect and build up. Blocked drains are also very common because most drains are generally not made to hold large volumes of water. If the drains outside your home are blocked, it can result to flooding and damage to property.

The popularity of DIY (do-it-yourself) repairs and home renovations has also contributed to the blocked drains. A lot of people who do not know how to properly install pipes have also gone the DIY route and end up with misaligned pipes. Pipes are integral parts of any plumbing job and it is very important that people who are thinking of installing their very own pipes have an understanding of the pipework required. Aside from incorrect pipe installation causing blocked drains, it can also lead to property damage, not only to your own but to your neighbours, as well.

Problems with water flow can also be the cause of a lot of issues. What everyone must know is that water does not flow uphill and it is, like other things, affected by gravity. It is very important for pipes to be installed correctly so that there is adequate water flow. Drains can become blocked for a wide variety of reasons so it is a must for everyone to understand the underlying cause of a blocked drainage.

Some blockages can be easily remedied by a plunger, however very serious ones need the help of a professional. Calling a professional plumbing service will help ensure that the job is performed correctly and that the underlying problem is solved. So, make sure that you call a qualified plumber for blocked drains.