Drain Surveys Studies

At Drain-It, we regularly conduct drain surveys of new developments prior to handover to local authorities. These surveys are an essential part of the taking in charge process, and are necessary in order for the developer to recoup the moneys lodged as security at the outset of the build.

We pride ourselves on providing a thorough and professional service in all such contracts – and while the work can be complex, we do all we can to make it straightforward and cost-effective too.

As a developer or sub-contractor, you can help us greatly in this regard, thus saving yourself time and money too as you seek to hand over the development.

We have two simple requests, to allow us deliver our service more efficiently:

  1. Provide us with detailed plans and requirements at the outset of the survey, and,
  2. Make yourself available for a brief project planning meeting.

If you can help us in both those regards, we can help you greatly too, by delivering the drain survey you need more quickly and more cheaply that may otherwise be the case.

The difference it makes can be illustrated by two recent case studies:

Drain Survey for Taking in Charge – Case Study 1

This one ran exactly the way we like them to! We had a full project planning meeting with the developers, where they supplied us with all plans and drawings of the development. We drew up an action plan to allow us complete the survey as efficiently as possible, and we finished our task on time and on budget.

The developer remedied all issues found. We then carried out the mandatory follow-up survey and produced our report stating all necessary action had been taken. The developers furnished our report to the Council, and soon afterwards had their security monies returned.

Drain Survey for Taking in Charge – Case Study 2

This one was the opposite extreme. We were engaged by a sub-contractor rather than the main developers. No plans were made available to us, and they didn’t see the need for a planning meeting. Instead, they just instructed us to go ahead and complete the survey as we saw fit.

The task then began to grow as they again and again extended the area they wanted surveyed. Further problems arose when plans were finally obtained, as the drain and manhole labelling system used there was vastly different from the system we had used while working ‘in the dark’.

The end result was a project that ran way over time and way over budget, leaving nobody happy – including us.

Drain Surveys – The Professional Approach

Our professional pride means that we are anxious to avoid that second type of scenario in future, and instead, do what we do best – which is delivering drain survey reports on time and on budget to all our clients.

If you would like to benefit from our professional approach, and if you can help us deliver it by simply giving us drawings and a small bit of your time, then we would love to hear from you.

Just call us at 01 541 7282, e-mail us at info@drain-it.ie, or use our contact form.