Drain Surveys Studies

We were recently contracted to carry out a commercial drain survey on a major redevelopment project involving a retail premises.

A large property where a single retail business had operated before closing some four years ago was to be re-developed into a multi-unit shopping complex. This would have an anchor tenant and dependent, related smaller shops.

The engineers and architects requested us to survey the drain network, to ascertain if it was up to the task of handling several units as opposed to one large one. This was because the outflow from multiple units would exceed that from the single larger one.

In addition, there was the perceived requirement for a pumping station as there was an intention to add a food hall to the area too. This also meant examining the positioning of grease removal equipment for either the food hall as a whole, or for each individual unit. Responsibility for the output would be different depending on the route followed, and also the combined costs would exceed the single solution.

We provided a jetter van with a camera van on site for two days, cleaned down the lines, and prepared a report for the development engineers.

This outlined the various services on site, their connectivity, the size and capacity of the lines, and identified issues as they were found. Once the lines were surveyed, we also provided an estimate of the costs for fixing these issues and a likely timescale from start to completion. Key points were identified and dependencies were mapped.

This report was then circulated by the engineers to the various construction companies for their pricing and submissions, and we were approached by all of them. It must be said that we were not the only drain company who quoted based on our report, as it was circulated for pricing to other drain companies also.

We delivered a quality report with clear and precise issues identified and a pragmatic plan to remedy them. We also advised on the need for a pumping station and we quoted for supply of the pump also as we are sole appointed service/maintenance/warranty agents for Saniflo in Ireland.