Cleaning Tips Shower Drains

If you go to the shower and find yourself standing on a pool of water, it means that there is an immediate need for you to clean your shower drain and do some clog removal steps. You can always hire a professional plumber to do the dirty work for you but if you are looking to spend less or you do not have enough cash and plenty of time, you can try doing it yourself.

Here are some clever ideas to help you clean your shower drain to prevent clogging in the future.

  • Get rid of standing water
    Standing water is the result of the build-up of soap scum, shower products, as well as hair and other residues. You can try plunging or pouring hot water down the drain but if these does not help you can also run a garden hose from the nearby window and secure it to the opening of the drain with the help of duct tape. The pressure from the hose should push whatever is clogging the drain down to the pipes.

  • Wire hanger
    The wire hanger method is very popular for the fast fix it offers. Use a wire hanger to pull the hair out of the drain but first you have to untwist the hanger and slide one end of it to the drain. To dissolve soap scum, mix a quarter cup of ammonia and a quart of boiling water. Pour the mixture down the drain and residue build-up, as well as soap scum will be dissolved.

  • Hair traps
    One simple way of preventing the drain from clogging and becoming dirty is by using a hair trap. Hair traps will minimize hairs from going down the drain and minimize the times you have to clean the drain. The trap is a small mesh, which can sit in the drain. It looks just like s trainer, which is used in the kitchen.

The second killer of shower drain is soap. When the soap gets so small, they can easily mingle with loose hair and then stick to the inside of the pipes. What you can do is to throw the small soap in the trash bin and unwrap a fresh, new one.

Tools to have ready

Drains are actually not very complicated problems, as long as you deal with the problem immediately. Most of the time drain cleaning and unclogging products will help get rid of most stubborn hair clogs. You should also have a plunger ready for urgent cases.

Keeping your drains clean is easily done with the right information and tools. By following a few simple rules, you will also have less clogging problems to deal with throughout the year. However, for difficult situations you should not hesitate to contact professional plumbing services.

Look for contractors who have been in the business for a good number of years with a lot of satisfied clients. You want to make sure that the contractor you are spending good money on is able to solve your problems.