Chemical Drain Cleaners - Pros and Cons

People who do not take care of drainage systems often have problems and one of the most common plumbing and drainage problems is clogging. There are many ways to clear and solve clogging problems and one of the most convenient ways is to pour chemical drain cleaners down the drain but are we really doing more harm than good with these chemical drain cleaners?

According to research, the answer seems to be yes. Although they may be very appealing when drains are clogged, it is a must for every person to understand that it is necessary to fully understand the risks, as well as the limitations of chemical drain cleaners. They may be your salvation but they also come with pros and cons, just like everything else in this world.


  • Easy to use
    Chemical drain cleaners are quite easy to use, they are almost foolproof. They do not require a lot of time and effort. Unlike special tools such as plumbing snakes and hydrojetters, they do not require special skills or training. All you need to do is just open the bottle and pour the cleaner down the drain.

  • Works fast
    It has been proven that chemical drain cleaners work quite fast. They have the ability to dislodge clogs in as little as 15 minutes and you do not even have to put any effort. You just sit down and wait.

  • Cheap
    Chemical drain cleaners do not cost a lot of money and are very easy to obtain. You can get them from your local plumbing or DIY stores. Just imagine how much it would cost for a professional plumber to visit you with that of a chemical drain cleaner.


  • Dangerous
    Chemical drain cleaners are, well, made of chemicals and chemicals can be very harmful if not used properly. There are two main types of drain cleaners, acidic and alkaline. Acidic cleaners have dangerous sulphuric acid and are typically not available to the general public. However, this does not make cleaners made of alkaline products any better because they can also harm the eyes and the skin. Groundwater is also at risk of being contaminated by using chemical cleaners.

  • Does not work on all types of clogs
    Chemical cleaners do not work on all types of clogs. There are many causes of clogging. Clogs causes by hair, toilet paper and grease can be easily cleared by chemical drain cleaners. However, clogs caused by solid objects and chemical drain cleaners cannot solve mineral build-up. Drain cleaners do not work on clogs underneath standing water.

  • Can cause damage
    Chemical drain cleaners can easily damage your pipes. There are some types of plumbing fittings and pipes, which can weaken or get damaged because of the use of certain chemical drain cleaners. This is especially true of people who use cleaners frequently.

If you have any plumbing problems, it is best that you call the professionals right away. Big cities have a good number of plumbers for you to choose from so you must make sure that you make the best choice possible.