About Us

Leading experts in drain unblocking, maintenance and pump repairs in Dublin

Drain-It delivers the solution to all drainage problems or other waste water drainage needs you may have in the greater Dublin area.

Our 24-hour contact number, fleet of vehicles, and knowledgeable and experienced staff, means we’ll quickly be at your home or business premises with the action you need.

Services we provide

  • Got a blockage and can’t shift it yourself?
    We’ll find it and blast it away.

  • Got damaged or collapsed pipes?
    We’ll fix them, usually without even having to dig.

  • Got an odour issue in or around your property?
    We can investigate and rectify the problem.

  • Need a septic tank emptied, de-sludged, or cleaned?
    Our specialist staff and equipment will get that done for you.

  • Got a rodent problem as rats scurry through your pipes?
    We’ll find where they’re coming in, repair the fault, and install rat stoppers to stop them getting into your premises even if they find another way into your pipes.

  • Need a grease trap installed or maintained in a food business premises?
    We’ll find and install exactly the right trap for you, then we’ll clean it for you regularly. As a licensed waste operator, we’ll properly dispose of the waste for you too.

  • Have a waste water pump problem?
    We can diagnose and fix the problem quickly.

About Drain-It Dublin

Preventing problems in your drains

We can also deliver you expert prevention measures to greatly lessen the risk of problems ever arising, such as:

  • Once-Off Deep Clean – Remove debris, scale & sludge / grease build-up from your pipe system.

  • Regular Drain Cleaning – (Periodic Preventative Maintenance PPM) – get rid of potential blockages before they even happen.

  • CCTV drain surveys – spot faults or potential faults within your pipes. Essential if considering buying a second-hand home, or if your business is seeking ISO14001 (Environmental Management) accreditation and needs to certify that drains are up to the required standard.

Our commitment

GET THERE QUICK. FIX IT RIGHT. FIRST TIME – That’s the motto we live by. Our 24-hour service and on-call teams means we can deal with emergencies as they arise at any hour of day or night, seven days a week. Our staff are dedicated to providing a full and lasting solution to your problems – not just a temporary fix – and so all our work is guaranteed.